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Cytosolve MAKES Mathematical Models

LIE #1 –“Dr.SHIVA is a Vaccine Maker”

The Truth

CytoSolve is not a Vaccine Maker, has never produced a single Vaccine. CytoSolve IS a software technology for modeling biological mechanisms. CytoSolve IS recognized as a Revolutionary and Disruptive Platform. CytoSolve MAKES Mathematical Models. CytoSolve DOES NOT MAKE Vaccines. We invite any and ALL Pharmaceutical and Vaccine Manufacturers to come to CytoSolve and test their drugs or vaccines for safety and toxicity, BEFORE, they INJECT IT INTO YOU. Any takers? Robbie?

I hear only crickets….

Challenge to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: Please send us the evidence that CytoSolve is Vaccine Manufacture. We would love to know WHO in our organization is doing this. Robbie – Please call me at 617-631-6874 to let me know, so I can fire them.

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