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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Vomits BIG LIES When Exposed with Truth.
Party Over!
5 Facts versus 5 Lies.



Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is Pro-Vaccine and Wants to Preserve his Uncle – JFK’s – Vaccine Program and Wants MORE & Bigger Government to Manage a Program that Was Based on #FakeScience
Hear it for YOURSELF from his own mouth.

“I want to say it emphatically. I am PRO-VACCINE. I have been fiercely PRO-VACCINE. I believe that we ought to have policies that encourage full vaccination for all Americans.” – Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Reference [1]: Crosby, Jacob, “Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Wants to Preserve Uncle JFK’s Vaccine,” April 13, 2019,


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. “Environmental Activist,” Close Political Ally – HILLARY CLINTON – is Pro-Vaccine Mandates, Big Pharma, Anti-Environment-Pro-Monsanto Shill


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Publicly Endorsed Hillary Clinton Not Once, Not Twice, but Three Times, Purposefully Deceiving and Corralling Millions to Vote for Hillary Clinton By Lying that She is a Fighter Against Big Pharma and Pro-Environment.


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Chooses “Blood Line” Over Principles. He Endorsed and Raised Money for His Nephew Joe Kennedy, III, as Recent as January 25, 2020, Joe Kennedy, III is Pro-Vaccine Mandates, and is Running Against Dr.SHIVA for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts.


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and his Family Were Friends with Rapist, Pedophile, Child-Sex-Trafficker
Jeffrey Epstein.

Disinformation, Defamation & Deception

How the Kennedys Roll
After Dr.SHIVA Exposed the above FACTS, Robert Kennedy, Jr., as in usual Kennedy style (remember Chappaquiddick) – neither apologized nor admitted to his guilt, rather unleashed BIG LIES to defame Dr.SHIVA in order to protect the “Kennedy Brand” and intentionally mislead the public – a hallmark and well-honed signature strategy of Robert Kennedy, Jr. and his family.

LIE #1 –“Dr.SHIVA is a Vaccine Maker”

The Truth

CytoSolve is not a Vaccine Maker, has never produced a single Vaccine. CytoSolve IS a software technology for modeling biological mechanisms. CytoSolve IS recognized as a Revolutionary and Disruptive Platform. CytoSolve MAKES Mathematical Models. CytoSolve DOES NOT MAKE Vaccines. We invite any and ALL Pharmaceutical and Vaccine Manufacturers to come to CytoSolve and test their drugs or vaccines for safety and toxicity, BEFORE, they INJECT IT INTO YOU. Any takers? Robbie?

I hear only crickets….

Challenge to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: Please send us the evidence that CytoSolve is Vaccine Manufacture. We would love to know WHO in our organization is doing this. Robbie – Please call me at 617-631-6874 to let me know, so I can fire them.

LIE #2 – “Dr.SHIVA’s Company Partners with Bill Gates”

The Truth

Dr.SHIVA’s company EchoMail, Inc. used to buy MicroSoft, Oracle software licenses and DELL hardware for its employees, including such products as MS Office. These companies gave discounts for such licenses and hardware for volume discounts.
Neither Dr.SHIVA nor EchoMail nor any of his companies have “partnered with Bill Gates”

Challenge to Robert F. Kennedy,Jr.: Please send us the evidence that Dr.SHIVA or any of his companies are in partnership with Bill Gates. Robbie – Please call me at 617-631-6874 to let me know.

LIE #3 – “Dr.SHIVA Is NOT Being Censored”

The Truth

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr and his minions are SO jealous that Dr.SHIVA’s Truth Freedom Health message is resonating globally while Robbie’s bullshit is being exposed. Moreover, the truth is Dr.SHIVA’s followers should exceed 10 million by now. He was shutdown on Twitter on 3 occasions sharing information of Vitamin C and Vitamin D – all documented. His videos on YouTube are throttled regularly and some have just disappeared. Facebook and Instagram have removed various posts and put the CDC warning on them.

Robbie – Please call me at 617-631-6874 so I can teach you how telling the truth and educating people can actually get followers.

LIE #4 – “Dr.SHIVA is for 5G”

The Truth

 Dr.SHIVA believes that CHINA is well ahead of America on 5G – a method for creating the Surveillance State – 200 million cameras everywhere. Dr.SHIVA believes that the American Deep State will be using China as a model for making America a Surveillance State.
Independently, his scientific team is aggregating the scientific literature to extract the biological pathways of 5G’s effect at the molecular level. Very little research is unfortunately documented about this.

Robbie – Please call me at 617-631-6874 if you have any biomolecular mechanistic information on the effect of 5G.

LIE #5 – “Dr.SHIVA Got Money From The Clinton’s”

The Truth

Dr.SHIVA has not received a penny from the Clinton’s. As an MIT PhD Graduate Student in 1992-1993, Shiva won First Place in an industry-wide contest sponsored by the National Institute of Standards (NIST) and the Executive Office of the White House, to automatically categorize email.

He has not received a single penny from the Clinton’s. If Robbie can track this down, my accountants and I would love to know, or STFU.

Bonus LIE #6 – “Dr. Shiva didn’t invent email”

The Truth

Yes, he did!

– The Truth IS the Enemy of the Kennedys –

America’s Institutionalized Not-So-Obvious-Establishment

What we are witnessing right before our very eyes is how a Kennedy acts and thinks. They think they can SIMPLY get away (which they have done in the past) with murder – physically or reputationally – by lying, BIG LYING – there way out of anything. In this case, they are attempting to murder someone’s stellar and hard-won reputation with BIG BOLD LIES claiming “Dr.SHIVA owns a Vaccine Company,” and is “Partnered with Bill Gates.” This is not only false and defamatory but also shows the extent to which they will go to serve their Deep State Master. The Kennedy’s are America’s institutionalized Not-So-Obvious-Establishment, thinking just because they are a “Kennedy,” whatever they say, makes it truth. NOT!

The Good Ol’ Days of the Kennedys Deploying BIG LIES to Deflect and Distract are OVER

At 11:50 PM EDT, on April 29, 2020:

1. Dr.SHIVA challenged Robert Kennedy, Jr. to provide even ONE IOTA OF EVIDENCE on which vaccines his company, CytoSolve, is a “Maker”. Dr.SHIVA provided him 24 hours to show such evidence. In fact, Dr.SHIVA said he would shut down his company if it was found he is a “Vaccine Maker.”

2. Dr.SHIVA challenged Robert Kennedy, Jr. to show even ONE IOTA evidence that he is partnered with Bill Gates.

3. Dr.SHIVA challenged Robert Kennedy, Jr. to provide evidence that he has received money from the Clinton’s.

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